User login [Day 7, ICPC Camp Day 2. Gennady Korotkevich Contest 7]
44th PTZ Camp
Note that:
  • In the interactive tasks to print end-of-line in the end of the printed string (query or answer) and flush the output buffer (fflush(stdout) or cout.flush() in C/C++).
  • Your solutions are running under Linux, so take into account that any compiler-dependent features that work, for ex., under MSVC, may not work under the different OS and compiler.
  • If some important clarifications come, the pdf file with the statements and in-task statements (F5 needed to refresh sometime) are updated, so it may be useful to reload it in case of the global clars.
  • To check actual limitations (Time Limit, Memory Limit, Source Limit etc) use Summary tab.
  • You may download all samples and attachements from the contest tasks using Sample ZIP tab.